A quality KitchenAid blender will mix the best drinks

Make smoothies in your new KitchenAid blender.

A blender is an essential home appliance. These accessories used to be fancy wedding gifts, but are now a staple in the kitchens of people of all ages. There are a huge variety of them available, but if you're looking for something really nice, it has to be the KitchenAid 5-speed Custom Metallic Blender. 

Nothing can liquefy better than this powerful device. The stainless steel base is both trendy and timeless, as this happens to be the material of choice for domestic kitchens but has always been trusted in the ones of the pros as well. The five speeds of this blender enable you to stir, chop, mix, puree and liquefy anything and everything. 

Whether you're thinking of making soup or have a particular soft spot for frozen beverages, this blender can handle anything you throw at it. The pitcher is made of shatter-resistant polycarbonate and can hold up to 56 ounces, meaning that you can make a large amount of every type of drink under the sun. Best of all, it's dishwasher safe so making your favorite food or beverage is a simple task that doesn't have to end in annoying cleanup. 

The trusted brand KitchenAid has been around for years, and is known for creating long-lasting products that any homeowner can really put their trust in. This blender comes protected with a one year hassle-free replacement warranty, so if anything does happen to it, you will be covered. 

Once you've got this wonderful blender on your counter, you'll find yourself inventing excuses to make beverages all the time. The patented one-piece blade can cut through almost anything with ease, so feel free to experiment with new foods and combinations. Who knows? Maybe this blender will make smoothies a part of your morning routine!

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