An electric heater can make it much more pleasant to do laundry

Martin is so much happier now that he can do his laundry in a warm space.

My friend Martin lives in an apartment with his girlfriend and a roommate. He likes their building a lot because it's very secure, every kitchen has a dishwasher and there's laundry right in the basement.

I had lunch with Martin the other day, and noticed that he didn't look like his usual spiffy, well-dressed self. Not wanting to be rude, I couldn't come out and ask him why he was dressed badly, wearing a ratty sweatshirt and ripped jeans, so I instead asked him if he was feeling okay.

He laughed, because apparently I wasn't being as subtle as I thought I was, and replied that, yes, he was feeling just fine, but that he was wearing these clothes because he had been putting off doing his laundry for as long as he could. I asked him why he would do that, since there was a washer and dryer right in his building, and he only had to walk down stairs to access them.

He told me that the owners of his building don't heat the laundry room, which probably saves them a lot of money, but makes it extremely unpleasant to wash clothes during the winter. He said that the room is so cold that some of his neighbors do their wash at laundromats rather than braving the freezing cold basement.

This seemed a little extreme to me, so I suggested that Martin ask his landlord if he would be willing to install an electric heater in the basement laundry room. Residents could turn it on while they did laundry, and switch it off when they were finished, but it would help to ease the cold.

I just received a text message from Martin saying that his landlord took his request, and he was already taking care of his laundry. It will be nice to see Martin looking like his usual stylish self again.

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