An electric heater can warm up a space with a lot of windows

The library can be an awfully cold place.

When I was at my parents' house for Thanksgiving last week, I got to catch up with some of my old friends from when I was growing up. One of them, Marie, moved back to my hometown after graduating college so that she could pursue her dream of becoming a children's librarian.

Marie was able to land a job in the Children's Room at the local library, and has been loving it ever since. She's lucky that the library where she works has plenty of funding, and even underwent a big renovation a few years ago.

When I saw her last week, I asked her how she was liking the job. Marie told me that working with little kids in the public library is everything she dreamed it would be, but that it had just gotten much better.

I asked her to elaborate, and she told me that her workplace is really cold. The big floor-to-ceiling windows let the chilly winter air come right in. She and her fellow librarians were wearing their coats to work, but found that not many kids wanted to come read in the Children's room when it was this frigid.

A few weeks into the winter, Marie's boss said enough was enough, and bought a small electric heater for the space. Now she and her coworkers simply turn on the space heater whenever they're feeling chilly, and they're much toastier.

I told Marie that I was very happy to hear that she and her fellow librarians had found a solution to their chilly workplace. It's nice that they were able to have the option to add heat by using one of these portable machines.

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