An electric heater is a nice addition to the garage

We added an electric heater to our garage, and now it's so much warmer.

My dad loves to work on cars, perhaps more so than most people. It's the family joke that my mom can never park in the garage, because my dad always has a project going in there. The problem is so pronounced that, a few years ago, my dad actually cleaned out the garage and let her park there as a Christmas present.

But like many garages, the one attached to my parents' house is not climate controlled. While it is insulated to keep cold and hot air from getting into the house, there's no radiator in there, and it can get downright freezing in the middle of the winter.

When my dad would go to work on a car after dinner, he used to first get out a hat, his heaviest winter jacket and a pair of gloves, and then sigh heavily as he trudged down the stairs and out to the garage.

My mom was always worried that my father would get sick when he was out there in the freezing cold, and so one year, she decided to gt him a garage-related Christmas present as well. A few years ago, my mom found an electric heater perfect for the garage and put a big red bow on it under the tree.

My dad was thrilled with the gift, since it would not only make the garage more comfortable but also keep my mom off of his case about always bundling up. Since it wasn't bitterly cold anymore, we even sometimes went to visit him out there!

The electric heater in my family's garage turned out to be even more useful than we originally anticipated though. On cold days we would turn it on so that everyone wasn't freezing when we went out to the garage, it made the entire place more comfortable.

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