As storms bring on mold, keep your house clean with Damp Check

For getting rid of mold and moisture around the house, consider Damp Check, a non-electric dehumidifier.

A rainy Memorial Day Weekend seems to have been a sign of things to come this summer. Although only a few weeks underway, the season – supposed to be three months of sunny, hot beach weather – has been plagued by thunderstorms with heavy rains and winds. A few weeks ago, an outbreak of tornadoes in Oklahoma ravaged the town of Moore, claiming 20 victims and billions in property damage. Just last weekend, Tropical Storm Andrea pounded Florida before moving upward and drenching the East Coast with days of rain and flooding. 

With any luck, some sunny relief will be on its way in the coming weeks and months. In the meantime, you should inspect your property for any damage dealt by the storms. Not only will this help to storm-proof your home for any future weather, but it will also identify some trouble spots around the house that could potentially lead to some unhealthy – and expensive to fix – headaches later on. Rain damage from storms like Andrea can cause moisture and other standing pools of water to accumulate in places like your basement or garage. These damp areas, coupled with seasonal humidity and warm temperatures, are the perfect breeding grounds for mold, which can lead to serious health risks and costly cleanup procedures.

You can help yourself avoid mold this stormy season with Damp Check, a non-electric dehumidifier from Today's Concept that absorbs and removes excess moisture in the house, eliminating mold, mildew and bad smells. No electricity required! Just place it in a room with those damp spots you'd like to be rid of and the Damp Check will draw the moisture from the air, trapping it in special pellets where it can't get back out. To learn more about how our dehumidifiers can help, visit our online store today.

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