Cool down this summer with a Hamilton Beach Ice Shaver

Stay cool this summer with refreshing icy drinks made from the Hamilton Beach Icy Treats Ice Shaver.

With the rain and gray skies finally behind us, it's time to enjoy the summer in earnest. Lay out in your backyard, head out for a trip to the beach or take your family on a vacation. The hot, sunny weather is finally on and you're going to want to get out as quickly and often as possible to take advantage. But let's not forget that hot means hot. If you like lying on a sandy beach but are worried about sweat and thirst hampering your fun, worry no more – Today's Concept has you covered.

To stay cool this summer, either at home or outdoors, consider the Hamilton Beach 68050 Icy Treats Ice Shaver. This handy, compact and easy to manage appliance can be used to make all sorts of tasty, frozen treats like slushies, snow cones and – for adults – margaritas. The Hamilton Beach Ice Shaver uses ice straight from your freezer, shaves it and mixes with whatever juice, soda or fruit you choose to add. These icy drinks are not only delicious to have and easy to make, but they are also a quick and perfect way to quench your thirst and beat the heat while you swelter under the sun this summer.

The Hamilton Beach Ice Shaver is a hit with both kids and adults alike. It's a great tool to utilize when hosting a party, but it also goes far in just entertaining your kids and yourself. The package comes with recipes that the whole family will love for both their taste and health value. All parts are dishwasher safe, so cleaning the Ice Shaver is just as quick and easy as using it. To learn more, visit our online store today.

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