Dodge your next cold with a humidifier

Rose is so much happier since her humidifier has enabled her to work a lot more.

Last week, I went out to lunch with my good friend Rose. When I asked her how things were going, she replied that she was really stressed out. Apparently, the advertising agency she works for is in the process of pitching more than one big business, and she has to work on this in addition to her regular workload.

Rose told me that it's important that she does her best quality work during this time, since she will be seen as a valued member of the team if they win the pitch. But, she told me, she's spending a lot of time at work, and isn't really getting as much sleep as she needs to.

She's terrified that she will get sick and have to miss work, which could be disasterous in the final days of the pitch.

I told Rose that when I'm worried about getting sick, I make sure that I turn on my whole house humidifier. These handy gadgets are one of the best ways to thwart a cold, since you'll wake up feeling refreshed from the much better air in the house.

I even made use of mine when I was staying up all night in college working on papers and studying for final exams, and if it could help keep me healthy back then, I trust it completely now.

Rose thanked me for the helpful suggestion. I checked in with her a couple of days ago, and she said she's feeling a lot healthier since she got the humidifier, and she's much more optimistic about the pitch at work.

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