Electric heaters can keep outdoor shopping areas nice and warm

A holiday market is wonderfully heated.

Before Christmas, I went out with a few of my friends to a holiday market. It was nice to walk around to the different tables and see all of the lovely handmade crafts for sale by various local artisans. Whether you were looking for beautiful jewelry, carved wood or cold-weather accessories, you could find it here.

The market was the perfect place to spend a little time getting into the holiday spirit, as well as do a little bit of last-minute Christmas shopping. I was able to find the perfect gift for my mom here, since she loves handmade pottery and there was quite a bit to choose from.

Initially, when my friend Liz suggested that we go, I wasn't that interested in the prospect of spending time outside in the cold weather, and I doubted whether I would find anything worth buying in such a place.

When I got there, however, I was thrilled to find that the tables weren't set up outside, but rather, they were inside of a tent and protected from the harsh winter winds. When we stepped into the enclosure, there were Christmas carols being played, and I found that it was pleasantly warm – perfect for shopping.

After doing a little looking around, I saw that there were electric heaters in all corners of the large tent, and to stay warm, some of the vendors had brought their own too. It really helped to promote the cozy atmosphere, which in turn made me want to shop more.

When my mom saw the lovely vase I gave her for Christmas, she was thrilled. I'm so happy that I decided to go to the holiday market!

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