Electric heaters can make dining outdoors much more comfortable

Dining outdoors is better with a heater.

When I met my parents at a restaurant this weekend, I was surprised to see people happily eating on an enclosed porch. Since it's December, most Restaurants in Boston have closed their patios for a long time now, and I just assumed that it would be the same here.

But as I walked through the outdoor dining area, I was surprised to find out that it was actually pleasantly warm. Everyone who was eating outside munched happily on their food while enjoying the lovely view of passers by on the street.

Once we were seated at our far less adventurous table indoors, I asked our waiter how they were able to get the outdoor space so warm. He told me that they use a few different types of electric heater to warm the space up, and the partial enclosure helps to hold in the heat.

Our waiter told me that the patio has become a signature part of their restaurant, and that seats out there are often booked much farther in advance than tables inside.

I couldn't believe how warm the electric heaters made that outdoor dining area. If more restaurants used those heaters, they could have more seating year-round.

After we finished our delicious meal, my parents and their friends said that the next time we all come out to dinner, we will have to request seats on the patio so that we can enjoy the view of the street while we have our food.

I wonder if outdoor heaters will become a part of more restaurants, or if the year-round patio will continue to make this place special. Either way, they certainly make for a very pleasant dining experience.

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