Electric heaters provide an important source of warmth for Hurricane Sandy refugees

Some refugees from Hurricane Sandy are living in tents, with just an electric heater to keep them warm.

A few months after Hurricane Sandy wreaked havoc on New York City and New Jersey, most of us have continued on with our lives. Distractions like the holiday season and the general passage of time have put the focus back on our own lives, and taken it off of those who lost so much in this devastating super storm. 

But this weekend I was looking at the news online, and I came across an article about the recent arctic blast that shuddered its way across the Northern portion of the United States. While many of us were staying indoors to keep out of the temperatures that hovered around zero degrees, numerous refugees from Hurricane Sandy were facing much bigger problems. 

Because of problems with insurance or a general lack of funds, a great many people whose homes were rendered uninhabitable due to the storm have been sleeping in makeshift shelters or trailers, while they rely on an electric heater to provide them with protection from the cold. 

Fortunately, these portable devices were able to keep the victims of Sandy safe from hypothermia during the cold temperatures, but I’m certainly not envious of their situation. Whenever I hear about people who have been displaced from their homes like that, I remember that I’m fortunate to have a roof over my head and an electric heater of my own. 

I like my space heater because it keeps me warmer when my radiator isn’t doing the trick, but it’s nice to know that this same device could one day save my life. Either way, I’m hoping that the worst of winter is over, and I’m looking everywhere for signs that spring is coming. That way I’ll soon enough be complaining about the hot weather again. 

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