Even in warm climates, outdoor weddings can be a little cold

Thanks to Steve's suggestion, I'm going to make sure to have electric heaters at my wedding.

My coworker Steve went to the wedding of his cousin this weekend. He was excited since the happy couple lives in Florida, and he was going to get a break from the harsh winter weather that we've been having up in New England. 

Today was Steve's first day back at work, and as soon as he walked in this morning we could all tell that he looked tan and relaxed. Around lunch time, Steve and I got to talking about his time in Florida, and he told me that while he had fun at the wedding, it was a little uncomfortable. 

I asked Steve what the problem was, and he responded that the wedding reception took place outdoors, and when the reception stretched well into the evening, the hot Miami air gained a kind of chill that was quite uncomfortable. Since they were in Florida, very few wedding guests had thought to bring jackets or sweaters along with them, and many people ended up leaving early because they were too cold and there was no electric heater to keep guests warm.

Since I knew how important this milestone was in the lives of Steve's cousin and his new wife, I thought that it must have been particularly hard on them to see their friends and family leaving the fun and dancing of their wedding reception just because the area was chilly.

I made a mental note to make sure that wherever I have my wedding reception, there are sufficient electric heaters on hand to keep all of the guests as comfortable as possible so that hey can feel free to stay at the party and dance all night if they want to. I would hate to have something like cold weather keep the people I know from having fun on my special day.  

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