Extend the life of cut flowers with a humidifier

Flowers look great for longer with the help of a humidifier.

When I was growing up, my neighbor Sandy owned a flower shop. Her little store was nestled right in a corner of the busy main street of my home town. It was always fun to go visit after school and look at all of the beautiful arrangements that she created.

Sandy told me that she loved doing the flowers for weddings the most, since she got to spend time artfully designing the beautiful arrangements, and knew that they would be very appreciated by the happy couple and all of their guests.

I used to ask Sandy many questions on how she got the flowers to be so lovely, and how she kept them from dying and turning brown while they were in the store. Sandy told me that she used a florist's refrigerator to extend the life of all of her blossoms in the shop.

She had one secret, though, which she thought made the flowers from her shop live even longer than any others. Sandy told me that when arrangements go out for delivery, they often become damaged in the car. Therefore, she had special racks installed in her van to hold them in place. In addition, she added a humidifier to the back in order to keep the blooms looking their very best.

It must have worked, because Sandy had the loveliest flowers in town. Now, whenever I get flowers as a present or bring some home for myself as a special treat, I am sure to turn on my whole house humidifier in order to make them last a little longer. It works really well, and I always thank Sandy for sharing her secret with me.

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