Humidifiers can help ease symptoms of asthma sufferers

Rose's humidifier is meant to help with her asthma.

My friend Rose has asthma. Even though she was diagnosed with this reparatory condition during childhood, she still has it, and is typically struggling to keep her symptoms under control. In recent years, her symptoms have gotten much better because she’s started exercising. 

When I got coffee with her last week, Rose told me that her doctor took her off of her daily asthma control medication and just gave her an occasional inhaler to use instead. Rose was excited about this change, since going off of the medication will likely mean good things for her overall health, but she’s a little nervous too, since she could experience a frequency of asthma attacks. 

Her doctor told her that cardio exercise is a great first step for getting her asthma under control, and that she should also make an effort to avoid some of the triggers of her condition. Since Rose has allergic asthma, her doctor told her to protect herself with hypoallergenic pillowcases and a mattress cover, both of which will help to reduce the frequency and severity of her attacks. 

When Rose asked if there was anything else she could do, her doctor recommenced that she get a house humidifier. Moisturized air from these devices is easier to breathe, and that doesn’t just help the feeling of dry winter air, it also can make asthma attacks happen less often. 

I chatted with her earlier today, and Rose said that she’s feeling good with her new routine. So far, the plan is working very well, and she hasn’t had an asthma attack yet. I hope it continues working out for her, but either way, I know she’ll love having that humidifier in her house. 

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