Humidifiers can save a baby’s delicate skin

The humidifier was really helpful for Carter's delicate skin.

When I was in high school, I used to babysit a lot. Like many teenagers, I found this an easy after school job because I had a flexible schedule and, since I've always been good with kids, it was fairly easy money.

One of the families that I babysat for a lot was the Pickerings. Mrs. Pickering was a coworker of my mom's who had recently returned to the job  after taking two years off to have children, but the demands of her new role meant that she needed an extra helping hand from time to time.

I never minded heading over to their house, since the babies, Carter and Matthew were very well behaved and were generally in good spirits. But after I had been babysitting for them for a few months, I noticed that Carter was unusually fussy for the few hours that I was there.

Normally I wouldn't have said anything, but since Carter liked me, I thought that maybe he was sick, and figured I had better mention it to his mom. Mrs. Pickering was concerned when I told her that her little son had been upset the entire time she was gone, and agreed that she should look into it.

The next time I went over to babysit, Mrs. Pickering told me that it turned out that Carter had an eczema rash – presumably because of a food allergy. Though they were still figuring out the cause of the rash, she and her husband had been keeping the house humidifier turned on to soothe his itchy skin.

I turned on the humidifier before Carter went to sleep, and he was much happier that time, since the moisture made his skin feel better!

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