I’m getting out my electric heater in preparation for the coming storm

Winter Storm Nemo promises to be a doozy.

All week, my friends and family have been keeping a close eye on the storm that’s set to wreak havoc on the Northeast tomorrow. Dubbed Winter Storm Nemo, the potentially historic snow storm could dump around two feet of snow right on my doorstep this weekend. According to reports, we’re in for high winds, low visibility and the possibility of thunder in this enormous storm system. 

Even though predictions a few days out tend to be nothing, the ones about this snowstorm keep getting more and more intense, leading area schools and businesses to close early for the weekend, before any snow has even fallen. We already have plenty of food in my house, so I luckily won’t have to go out and brave the crowds that have been clogging grocery stores all day. 

But all afternoon, I’ve been communicating with my roommates on this impending storm, and specifically how we plan to keep our house warm for its duration. Since our apartment tends to be drafty, we all have electric heaters that we turn on when it gets chilly outside. In the effort to stay ahead of the rising winds and falling temperatures, my roommate Laura told us that she will turn on all of the heaters when she gets home from work this afternoon, since she’s usually the one that gets back first. 

I’m hoping to hunker down and brave the storm without too much trouble since we’re about as prepared for it as we can be. Hopefully, it will pass without incident, and instead I will get to go sledding in the accumulated snow with all of my friends. Since I know I’m ready, I can’t wait for the storm to come!

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