Install your window air conditioner the right way

Grab at least one friend to install your AC together.

Across much of the country, the warm weather is here, meaning that it's time to get out that window air conditioner so it can keep you cool through all of the heat waves this summer is sure to bring. But many individuals are nervous about installing their unit, because it can be somewhat difficult to move this heavy and precarious device into the window without having it plummet to the street below.

But there's no need to be nervous. Here's an easy step-by-step guide for installing a window air conditioner safely. 

1. Grab a friend – Due to the unusual balance of this kind of appliance, and the fact that it's pretty heavy, it's best to install your unit with a friend. That way, they can hold it in place while you secure it or vice versa. 

2. Check your user's manual – If your AC is not new, you can skip this step, but if it is, you may need to add on the window extensions before installing it, while other models come with them pre-attached. 

3. Open the window and slide the air conditioner in – This is where it comes in handy to have a friend help you, as they can keep the unit steady while you work on securing it. Next, lower the window so that the AC is held in place, and go about fastening it and putting the extensions in place. Check your user's manual to ensure that it was properly installed. 

4. Seal with weatherstripping – Most air conditioners come with weatherstripping to keep rain out. You can install this on the inside of your window to help your appliance to be more energy efficient. 

5. Plug it in – After that, you're all set, and once it's plugged in, you will have an efficient air conditioner keeping you comfortable all summer. 

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