Interested in baking from scratch? The KitchenAid Grain Mill Attachment will enable you to.

Make your own specialty flour with the grain mill attachment.

Whether you're interested in making unique alternatives to wheat flour to meet the dietary restrictions of someone in your household, or you simply can't get enough of fresh food, the KitchenAid KGM Grain Mill Attachment for your stand mixer will help you every step of the way.

The KitchenAid stand mixer already helps make baking easier, since this essential tool was specially designed to incorporate all of the necessary ingredients for cookies, cakes or bread and put them at the ideal texture with minimal effort. This grain mill attachment was created to work with all low-moisture, low-oil grains. You'll be thrilled at the superior taste that baked goods take on when you've decided to use freshly milled grains. 

Particularly if you're using these ground grains as a substitute for flour, the freshness can really help to improve the taste of your meal. But it's also great for wheat, which is better than you've ever imagined it when it's freshly ground. 

Best of all, the grain mill attachment for your stand mixer makes it so that you can choose the consistency of the flour you're creating. From course cracked to finely ground, it will be done when you want it and done to your exact specifications. This Grain Mill attachment is also extremely easy to use. Simply attach the mill, select your desired flour texture, add the grain and switch it on. 

Before you know it, you'll be making your very own soft flour, perfect for everything from pancakes and fresh baked bread, to cornbread and other specialty delights. Consider this great investment and you'll love all the different things you can do with this great attachment, creating some of the freshest food around. 

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