Keep your home clean this summer with frequent vacuuming

Keep your house free of dirt and sand this summer with one of the many vacuum cleaners we offer at Today's Concept.

Summer is a wonderful time of year for all the obvious reasons: beautiful weather, barbecues and pool parties, weekends at the beach and, best of all for kids, no school. It's three months of total relaxation - an opportunity to unwind and simply enjoy life. But if you're particular about keeping your house clean, the summertime can also be your worst nightmare.

Having friends and guests over for get-togethers is one thing, but it can become frustrating when they inevitably walk through the house and track dirt, mud or grass behind them. This is particularly likely with kids, who will be spending their days running around and playing outside. It could also happen when coming home from a day at the beach, and you end up bringing back more sand with you than you'd like. In a previous blog post, we also discussed how dust mites and mold spores – brought on by warm temperatures and damp spots around the house – can incite some terrible seasonal allergies.

Make these headaches a thing of the past and keep your home neat and clean this summer with one of the many vacuum cleaners we offer at Today's Concept. We only carry brands from the most well-known and trusted names in the industry, guaranteeing you'll be rid of dirt, sand and dust in no time. Consider the Eureka 431DX Optima Lightweight Upright model, specially designed for cleaning those small, hard-to-get-to places where dirt may be hiding. Its 12 amp motor gives you all the power you'll need, and at under 12 pounds, it comes with only half the weight of many other upright vacuums. To learn more, visit our online store today. 

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