Martin loved his home-brewing Valentine’s Day present

Martin loves his home-brewing kit.

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day, and though I didn’t have an admirer of my own, I still enjoyed watching lovebirds everywhere display their affection for one-another by giving flowers, candy and other special presents. Last week, my friend Dana asked me for assistance in coming up with a Valentine’s Day present for her long-time boyfriend Martin. 

Since these two have been together for a few years, they’ve exchanged all of the usual presents already, and want to do something special for one-another to mark the occasion. I thought about it for a while, and then suggested that Dana give Martin a home-brewing kit from Mr. Beer. Martin loves projects, and anyone who has been in a bar with him doesn’t take long to figure out that he has an affinity for craft-brewed beers. 

Since everyone in our group of friends is always turning to Martin for recommendations when it comes to brews, I thought he would love a make-your-own beer kit. Dana agreed with me, and picked up a deluxe brewing kit online that she would give him for the holiday. 

Today, I waited until my lunch break before calling Dana to ask how the gift went over with her boyfriend. I was thrilled – and a little relieved – when she told me that it went over incredibly well. Dana said that Martin was incredibly happy with the present, and has already set aside a day this weekend when he’s going to get started on his home-brewing project.

I told her that I was happy everything went so well, and I can’t wait to be invited over to try his handmade beer. This is such a great present, and everyone who gets one usually loves it. 

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