Mr. Beer Deluxe home brewing kit makes a great Valentine’s Day present

Give him something he'll love on Valentine's Day.

My good friends Martin and Dana have been a couple for as long as anyone can remember. These two do everything together, and everyone views them as the perfect couple. 

I saw Dana last night, and she told me that she needed a little bit of help coming up with a good present to give Martin. She usually doesn’t have any trouble thinking of the perfect gift, but since they have been together for so long, she’s having trouble finding the right present this Valentine’s Day. 

I’m usually very good at thinking of presents to give to my friends, so I was happy to help Dana with this task. First, I asked her what kind of presents they usually give each other on this holiday, and Dana told me that they typically stick to the usual gifts, not wanting to spend too much because they’re both young – and that Martin always sends her flowers. 

Then we started talking about what kinds of things Martin likes. But, it didn’t take long for me to think of the perfect Valentine’s present for Martin: A Mr. Beer Deluxe Brewing Kit! I know from experience that the beer made by the kit comes out tasting great, and Martin loves craft-brewed beers. 

Plus, they can make their own special beer together, and even come up with an adorable couple name for the brew. It’s the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for a guy, because it shows her love, but isn’t sappy or girly at all. Dana was thrilled with the suggestion, and quickly ordered a brewing kit for Martin. I can’t wait to find out how he likes the present next week. Plus, it will be so nice to have friends who are also interested in home brewing. 


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