My mom uses her electric heater year-round

My mom does all of her projects in her special craft shed.

My mom has always been really crafty. Growing up, she was frequently eager to become immersed in a do-it-yourself project. Whether it was something small, like sewing on my Girl Scout badges, or a much grander undertaking like refinishing furniture, my mom has always been interested in these kinds of projects. 

But, like any dedicated crafter, she sometimes works with chemicals that can be toxic to be around. She knew that the fumes from paint and other substances that she spent time using were dangerous for my sister and I to breathe in, so she constructed herself a small crafting shed in the backyard. My mom was able to fully decorate the inside of this little building, and create a fully-functional crafting center that's the envy of all of her friends. 

Since my sister and I moved out of the house, she spends even more time in there, happy to continue working away on her many projects in her newfound spare time. The little building has a few windows that open easily, so that she can work without worrying about not having enough ventilation, even when she works with harsh chemicals. 

But, the shady little shack can get chilly, especially since it's not well insulated. Even in the summer, it's usually quite cold in there. But, since my mom thinks of everything, she has this problem solved as well. She keeps a small oil-filled electric heater right in the center of the room, and turns it on whenever she needs to warm up. This handy tool is her favorite part of the craft shed. 

Since the model she has features an adjustable temperature dial, it's as perfect for the dead of winter as it is for the end of spring time. 

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