Purchasing an air conditioner in preparation for warm weather

Julia found a great, energy-efficient air conditioner online.

Here in the Northeast, it doesn’t matter what the groundhog said, we still have at least a month of winter left before weather starts turning warm again for the spring. But just south of here, the weather warms up much sooner, and people are already getting ready for springtime. 

The other day, I called my friend Julia to catch up. She lives in Charleston, South Carolina, and has gotten used to the short, mild winters in this part of the country in the time that she’s spent there. Even though it’s still chilly in Charleston, Julia told me that she’s aware  it’s going to be unbearably hot before long. While much of that city was built to withstand the extreme heat of the summer season – the large porches that wrap around the front of area houses, for instance – it still gets much too hot for anyone to not have an air conditioner

Last October, when the weather was finally cooling off after a long and sweaty summer, Julia’s dilapidated and old window air conditioner broke, and she got rid of it knowing that she would need another one for this year. Julia’s a planner, and knows that these machines typically sell out during the first heat wave of the season. Therefore, she decided to buy hers early, when she could beat the rush and still have some time to shop around. 

After a few weeks of research, Julia found a great, energy-efficient model that has a reputation for keeping houses at a steadily cool temperature. Because she won’t need it until the end of March at the earliest, she bought the device online, and is having it shipped to her house. I think this is a great plan for anyone who needs to replace their air conditioner, but doesn’t want to have to make such a big purchase at the last minute. 

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