Suspend is a great game to leave with the babysitter

Leave your kids in good hands with plenty of activities.

It's Friday, and if you and your significant other are planning on spending some quality time with one another this weekend, you have probably gone through the process of hiring a babysitter. This is often a challenge, since you need to make sure that the individual that you are entrusting to care for your children is responsible enough to handle the task. After taking this into account, the very best babysitters might not be available as often as you'd like to hire them. 

Having well-behaved kids is always helpful when you're searching for someone to care for your children, as a good professional will be much more likely to come back if they can count on an easy evening. 

That's why it's helpful to leave your children with an activity to do with their babysitter. This can keep the kids engaged and occupied, which will minimize the opportunities for conflict while you're away for the evening. It's best to leave them with an easy, fast-paced game like Suspend. This game goes quickly, so your kids won't lose interest in the middle. Plus, it's not at all hard to learn, which means that your babysitter will be able to catch on to the rules in no time. 

There's no doubt that a night out without the kids can be necessary from time to time, and if your children are well behaved and fun to be around, you might just have an easier time getting a babysitter. 

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