Take control of your heating and cooling needs with a manual thermostat

Set an easy control system over your home's heating and cooling needs with a manual thermostat.

At Today's Concept, we offer a variety of different thermostats, which can be divided into two categories: programmable and manual thermostats. Programmable thermostats are an attractive option for some consumers, who like to be able to dictate the heating and cooling functions of their home with predetermined settings and a wide array of options that can be customized for your personal preferences. But for many others, these benefits can be drawbacks, as some find the numerous features of programmable thermostats more confusing than helpful. For these customers, consider a manual thermostat.

More affordable and easier to use than their programmable cousins, manual thermostats are a marvel in simplicity. No confusing arrangement of buttons and prompts, just two basic and easy to remember functions: Setting your initial desired temperature, then adjusting it down or up as you like. You'll find none of the clutter of programming options here. Adjusting the temperature is as easy as turning it up when you're cold or down when the house has gotten too warm. 

You are free to choose between our electromechanical models or the more modern digital thermostats. Both options are affordable and remarkably easy to handle. For those in the market for a specific product, consider the Honeywell Comfort Basics 110B Digital Manual Thermostat. With its sleek and small design, large display screen, easily accessible battery compartment, precise temperature control and ability to interface with your home's heating pumps and central air conditioning, the Honeywell 110B offers all the functionalities and user-friendly qualities that homeowners want in a thermostat, with none of the confusion of other models.

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