Things are looking good with my home-brewed beer

I can't wait to try my very own beer!

After completing the brewing step, I had to put my Mr. Beer keg away and wait for the fermentation to take place on its own over the course of a week or two. For me, this has been both the most exciting and the most nerve wracking step so far, since I still can’t try the beer I made to find out what it’s like yet.

The directions told me that after 24 hoursit is possible to see the fermentation actually taking place within the keg with the help of a flashlight. I have taken it upon myself to check the keg (which I placed in my hallway closet so that it would be out of the way and avoid contamination from the light) every day.

Today, I came home for lunch because I had a long break at work. I couldn’t resist taking another peek at the keg of beer, since it’s almost ready. I could really see the bubbles swirling around, and if I placed my ear up to the keg, could even hear the noises of fermenting beer. It’s so exciting!

I texted Jason to thank him again for helping me to start this process, and let him know that things seem to be going well. Of course I won’t know for sure until this stage is over with and I’ve bottled and carbonated the beverage, but I think it’s going to turn out really well.

Best of all, I’m right on track to finish brewing by the Super Bowl, and my team is still in the running! The next few weeks should be so fun, and I can’t wait until I get to try my very own brew!

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