Trying to cool a large space? You’ll need a bigger air conditioner

Add a larger air conditioner for a large house.

You've undoubtedly heard about the benefits of the window air conditioner here on the Today's Concept blog before. We love discussing the fact that these simple appliances can keep your house cool without the expense and electricity cost of central air units. But if you're attempting to cool a particularly large space, you might have realized that just one of these appliances won't be enough. 

Rather than spending more on another unit, there are special air conditioners that have been designed for larger spaces. Here at, we have a huge variety of these appliances, which have more than 12,000 BTUs and can therefore handle a much bigger area. 

These larger-format air conditioners can be trusted to keep an entire house or large apartment comfortable when things get hot, so thru-the-wall models are very common. This enables you to place the device out of the way, putting it in a place that maximizes cooling abilities while still keeping your windows free. 

If you're in search of a great large format air conditioner, consider the Friedrich US14B30A, which is a beautiful model. Not only does this product do a great job cooling, but it has a variety of settings and speeds that will ensure you're getting the most out of the appliance. Even better, It comes with a12 hour timer that enables you to pinpoint exactly when you'd like this machine to turn on or off keeping your house comfortable. 

Summer is coming up fast, which means that the time to buy a better air conditioner is now. Make sure that you and your family are comfortable without spending a ton, and shop with Todays Concept. 

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