Ugly Doll comics are a great gift for fans

Katie loves the book I gave her for her birthday.

Last week, it was my neighbor Katie's birthday. Since she's just eight years old, Katie is, like many other kids her age, a big fan of Ugly Dolls. She loves these cuddly toys and has collected them all. 

Since I often babysit for Katie, I thought it would be nice if I gave her a present. I called her mom to ask what items are on her birthday list and she told me that Katie is still really into Ugly Dolls, and since she has all of the toys, she's begun collecting the comics. 

I had no idea that there even were comics starring these adorable characters, but once I checked them out, I found that there are numerous comic-style stories detailing the adventures of Ugly Dolls every day. 

After doing some research, I found out that these books are actually incredibly popular, and that they can be hard to find from time to time. Luckily, I was able to track down one of the titles that Katie doesn't have yet online and had it shipped right to her. 

I saw Katie while she was on her way to the school bus the other day and she gave me a big hug, thanking me for the present I gave her for her birthday. I was so excited that she liked the book and will certainly be looking forward to the release of more Ugly Doll comics in the future. They're a great gift for any little kid who loves Ugly Dolls but is lucky enough to have already collected the full line. 

Apparently, the next release will include a visit from another beloved children's character, Hello Kitty. I'm sure that this one will be particularly popular, and I'll try to buy a copy for Katie. 

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