Using an electric heater to keep the office comfortable

My office got so much friendlier once Pete got a space heater for us.

My office is always cold. During the summer, the landlords who run the building had the air conditioner turned up very high so that everyone was comfortable. And while my coworkers and I appreciated the fact that we weren't sweating all day, it seemed like overkill.  We were all looking forward to the day when the air conditioning was turned off, and the temperature returned to normal.

But now that fall weather is officially here, the heat is not on yet, and my office is just as cold. It's so cold that my coworker Stephanie keeps a shawl at her desk, which she drapes over her shoulders when it's chilly.

I had resigned myself to the same thing, but on Friday, my boss Pete told us that he'd had enough of the uncomfortable temperature in our workplace. He told everyone in our department that he was tired of having to wear a coat inside, and that he'd ordered an electric heater for the room in which we work.

When I came in today, the heater was up and running, just a few feet from where I work. I was amazed at what the difference that this little appliance makes in keeping me and my coworkers comfortable all day long! Suddenly, everyone was able to work without wearing a sweater or jacket to stay comfortable.

It was easier to type when my hands weren't so cold, and everyone seemed to be in a better mood. We all thanked Pete for getting the space heater, since it made a huge difference in our comfort, and allowed us to work even better.

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