Warming up on election day

I was happy to find that it was warm once I got inside of the polling station.

It's election day, and like many of my fellow Americans, I got up early and strided over to my local polling station so that I could cast my ballot. But when I got there I was surprised to find a line stretching out the door and around the corner.

I was happy that I had thought to bundle up before I left the house, since I was waiting outside in the brisk november morning air for more than an hour. Since the polling station in my neighborhood is simply a public works garage, I was sure that it would be just as chilly when I got inside.

I had been out there for such a long time that I wondered if I would even be able to hold the pen. Even though I wore gloves, my hands were nearly frozen from all of the time I spent outside.

When I made it to the front of the line, though, I was greeted with pleasant warmth. One of the election volunteers, it seemed, had brought a number of electric heaters into the space to keep the voters and workers nice and warm all day.

It was such a nice surprise to get inside of a toasty warm building. All of the election workers from my neighborhood were really friendly, and despite the long wait, I had my ballot cast in just a few minutes.

While I was not looking forward to braving the elements again when I got outside, it was nice to get a reprieve from the persistent cold. I hurried home happily, knowing that I had participated in democracy and had been given one of those adorable "I voted" stickers to prove it!

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