Why filtered tap water is better than buying bottles

Ensure that you're drinking only the cleanest water with one of the water filters we sell at Today's Concept.

The conventional thinking on the filtered vs. bottled water debate is that, generally, the former is better for you because it is – first and foremost – much cheaper. Drinking filtered tap water only costs the price of a single water filter, whereas drinking from bottles means having to continuously pay for each new bottle or case of bottles. There is also an environmental angle to the argument, in that drinking bottled water means eventually disposing them. Being made of plastic, water bottles are not biodegradable and, according to the Environmental Protection Agency, only further contribute to the 31 million tons of plastic discarded every year in the United States. But there is also a serious health component that needs to be taken into account as well.

The Natural Resources Defense Council, one of the country's leading environmentalist groups, has found that one out of every three water bottles contain harmful chemicals including bacteria, carcinogens and other cancer-causing contaminants. In some cases, the bottle itself may be the source of these contaminants, as the plastic used in the bottles' manufacturing is made from petroleum and, therefore, not healthy to ingest. 

But with a water filter, you have complete control over making your tap safe to drink. To stay hydrated while laying out in the sun this summer, consider the Brita Space Saver Drinking Water Pitch we offer at Today's Concept. This filter is designed to reduce chlorine, chloramines, bad tastes and odors in your tap water, so that you only have the freshest and cleanest water to drink. With its compact size, this pitcher will fit easily into your refrigerator. For more about our water filters, visit our online store at Today's Concept.

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