5 steps for removing a window air conditioner

Now that my air conditioner is out of the window, I'm ready for the fall.

Fall is almost here, and in the northeast at least, it seems that the chilly weather has arrived. Last night, I spent a few hours getting my closet ready for the cooler weather. While I was at it, I decided to take out my window air conditioner as well.

Since I'm not exactly a bodybuilder, I enlisted the help of my roommate Laura for this task. The last thing I wanted was for my air conditioner to go flying out of the window and crush some innocent bystander below. Here are the steps we followed for removing this appliance:

1. Setting the stage - First we turned the unit and unplugged it, then we put down a rag where the air conditioner would go once it was out, preventing excess rainwater from causing a mess in the room. We also checked that the sidewalk was clear of bystanders, just in case.

2. One side at a time - Using a screwdriver, I took the screws out of the right side of my AC, but left everything else in place. After that, I pushed in the accordion extender from that side and got a solid grip on the back of the machine.

3. Unscrew and hold tight - I held tightly onto the unit while Laura undid the screws from the other side. Now it was just me and the window responsible for supporting the weight of this heavy object.

4. Ready, lift! - When I was sure that I had a good grip, Laura raised the window and I lifted the air conditioner out and put it on to the rag.

5. Cleanup time - We took all of the remaining hardware out of the frame and cleaned my AC before putting it away.

Not only do I feel extremely accomplished because I achieved this task with only the help of my roommate, but now I know that my house will be draft-free as I get ready for fall and winter. 

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