A comfortable room never looked so good

Decorating advice can help to conceal an air conditioner so that you don't even notice it!

Since I live in a small apartment, I like to keep an eye out for decorating ideas that can help me brighten up my not so plentiful space. Whether it's maximizing space with shelving, or simply finding well-made and inexpensive furniture, I'm always looking reorganize my humble home. While researching a room redesign recently, I stumbled upon a set of tips for concealing a window or wall air conditioning unit.

It seems like such a great idea. From a decorator's perspective, air conditioners seem to fall on the list of necessary evils. The cooling and comfort provided by an air conditioner is unmatched, but not all ACs look so sleek, and they can really stick out in an otherwise classically decorated room. People who live in apartments or older houses often struggle with this problem, because such places rarely come equipped with a central cooling system.

Popular design blog Apartment Therapy released a set of 10 creative ways that home decorators have concealed their beloved yet not so beautiful machines. My favorite? The person who built a box and shelf over his in-home unit, turning it into a beautiful, functional landing strip near his door.

A quick option that doesn't require much work is to use cafe curtains to conceal a window air conditioner. These curtains on the bottom half of the window are inexpensive and easy to find. Cafe curtains simply cover the visible part of the air conditioning unit and there's no need to worry about airflow restriction!

Another recommendation was to camoflage an AC by putting plants on and around it. This has the added bonus of purifying air and will make a room look prettier.

These suggestions can really help you to create a more cohesive space without interruptions from an air conditioner. But there's also always the option of purchasing a better looking unit. 

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