A dehumidifier makes basement rooms more comfortable no matter what the weather is

Even finished basements get damp from time to time.

Like almost everyone else in the Northeast, I spent the past weekend stuck inside due to the historic snowstorm that dumped feet of snow on my doorstep and kept most people off the streets. 

Since the public transportation in my city was shut down for the duration of the storm and some time after, my roommates and I got out the board games and watched a lot of movies on television, resigned to the fact that we would be spending the entire weekend together. By Saturday afternoon, though, my roommate Veronica came upstairs from her basement bedroom, complaining that her room was very uncomfortable. 

Having heard Veronica’s description of what was wrong, I followed her down the stairs, so that I could help figure out what the problem was. By the time I reached the bottom of the stairs, I was hit with a damp smell and the uncomfortable feeling of moist air. 

I asked Veronica how long her bedroom had been feeling like this, and she told me that it had been since the beginning of the storm. It didn’t take me long to figure out that this part of the house must have become extra humid during the snowstorm because of its subterranean location. 

The fix was easy, since she already has a dehumidifier that the switches on from time to time. I told Veronica to try to run the dehumidifier and see if it ended up making the room more comfortable. After just a couple of hours, she came up to tell me that her room was already feeling a lot better. Sometimes, it’s easy to think that dehumidifiers are not useful in the winter, but in some spaces, they’re helpful year-round! 

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