A great way to clean a window fan

I was packing up my apartment when I noticed how dirty my window fan had become.

A great way to clean a window fan

Today is the last day of my lease. My roommate and I have decided to move into a nicer apartment across town, and we couldn't be more excited. We spent all of last night packing up stray items and making sure that the apartment was clean for its next inhabitants, which was exhausting. 

When I went to take it my window fan out, I was really surprised to see how dirty the electric fan had become. While it kept me cool for the majority of the summer, a kind of sticky dust had developed on it, mixing moisture and dirt from outside with dust and dry air from inside. Needless to say, it had seen better days. 

Since I was planning on using this trusty appliance in my next apartment as well, I was disappointed when I saw how gross it had gotten from being in the window. I tried to run a damp rag over it, thinking that I could dust it like any other object. But the scalloped edges of the fan eluded me, and most of the dust stayed put. Then I decided to look online and see if anyone had advice.

I found out from doing this research that my particular model actually comes apart. I was able to take the front piece right off of the fan, which gave me much better access to the problematic grooves that were giving me such a hard time before. I could then wipe the fan down, and got almost the whole thing clean this way.

But there were still some little corners with pesky pockets of dust that I was having trouble with. I ended up using a can of compressed air to blast the dust away, and that worked really well! I'm so excited, because now I can enjoy the newness of my apartment and the new feeling of my fan too!

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