A space heater can warm up a drafty room

I woke up very cold in the middle of the night yesterday.

Last night I woke up really chilly. It turns out that my window is very drafty, and the wind from last night went right through as if i had left it open. I got another blanket out of the closet, but I could already tell that this wouldn't permanently fix this problem.

This morning I called my landlord and told him about the drafty window. He said that the last tenants had often complained that the house was cold, and that he had just replaced the window last year. I asked when he was planning on turning on the heat for the building, and he said that the it was controlled by an automatic furnace, which didn't turn on until November 15.

I wasn't sure what to do! I had inadvertently moved into a house with a drafty bedroom window, and apparently wasn't going to get any reprieve from the chilly Boston wind until almost Thanksgiving. I called my mom, thinking that maybe she would know what to do. She gave me the obvious solution right away.

"Get a space heater," she said.

I couldn't believe that I didn't think of that myself. Buying a portable electric heater for my bedroom, and maybe some curtains to keep out the draft should completely solve the problem of my cold bedroom.

I ordered myself one of these portable heaters as soon as I got to work, and I can't wait until it arrives. I can't believe that there was such a simple solution to a problem that I found so daunting. I guess that moms really do know best after all.

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