Air conditioner unit stolen in Godfrey, Illinois

Apparently, someone's AC was taken from their home the night of Thursday, May 31.

‚ÄčI value many things in my home, but one during these hot summer months, I'd have to say that my family's air conditioner unit is at the top of my list. Just last week, temperatures reached over 90 degrees in my town!

Although purchasing this appliance wasn't exactly cheap, I would absolutely never resort to stealing someone's AC unit. Apparently, not everyone feels the same way I do though. When browsing some online news articles yesterday, I came across a story that talked about how an air conditioner was stolen in Godfrey, Illinois.

Apparently, someone's AC was taken from their home the night of Thursday, May 31. The victim said the unit was made by Air Quest and was 32 inches tall, 24 inches wide and 24 inches deep. It's also green in color.

The news article talked about how the sheriff's department has acknowledged that air conditioner theft has been on the rise in Godfrey. In fact, law enforcement has investigated 20 cases of this type of crime since January 1.

It broke my heart to see that police are still looking for the theif that took that Godfrey resident's air conditioner. My wife and I started a discussion and we know how bad it can be in the midwest during the summer without any air (after all, we lived in Illinois for 10 years).

We want to do a little research and figure out where this person lives. We may even buy and ship him a new  AC unit so he doesn't have to experience the heat on account of someone else's selfish act.

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