Air conditioners may benefit from added protection in winter

Air conditioning unit theft may inspire homeowners to take added safety precautions.

Home or business owners who use high-end air conditioners may want to make note of a recent rash of crime related to these energy-saving devices in recent weeks. Due to the usually warm winter, it seems some savvy thieves are looking to target these devices while they may be off the radar of individuals who are more concerned with the maintenance of their heating appliances.

On February 26, for instance, the Fresno Bee, a California-based news source, indicated that the theft of metal from air conditioning units is on the rise, according to local law enforcement. Officers say the primary suspects are methamphetamine addicts, who target the machines for their copper wiring components, which they can then strip and turn into fast cash.

"Some of them are very daring," George Tacadena of Donald P. Dick Air Conditioning, a Fresno-based business, told the report. "They pretty much disabled the entire units to get the coils."

Reports indicate that the crime isn't limited to the Golden State alone. Law enforcement agents in Louisiana, Texas and even as far north as Michigan and Indiana are seeing spikes in this type of crime. The Bee spoke to Brad Melton, who runs an air conditioning repair service in California. Melton says he has received one or two calls a week in regards to business air conditioning units that have been hit by thieves.

As a result, home or business owners may want to be on the lookout for low-cost ways that they can secure these essential home cooling items. By removing window air conditioners during the winter months when they aren't in use, these individuals can likely deter theft. However, air conditioner security cages may be a better option for home or business owners who can't remove this unit and want to ensure it is operational come summer.

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