Air conditioner theft on the rise in Ohio

What's even more surprising about all of this is that thieves can strip away the metals and other materials in less than five minutes.

I don't know what it is, but lately, I've been ready some pretty disturbing news. People around the country have been stealing air conditioners! I'm not sure whether it's the hot temperatures that are impairing people's judgement or if AC prices have risen so much that these appliances are no longer affordable, but either way you cut it, air conditioner theft is on the rise.

I was talking to my sister, Emily, who lives in Columbus, Ohio. I asked her about any interesting news she's heard about lately, and sure enough, she told me about how her next door neighbor's AC was stolen.

Emily said that in the past six weeks, there have been six AC robberies. I was shocked. My sister said that one of the reasons that the thief could have taken the air conditioner from her neighbor was because she was an elderly citizen.

I asked Emily what the robbers do once they have the unit. Do they sell it? Use it for themselves? My sister said that they take the metals the ACs are made of and sell it. I couldn't believe it! How much money is the metal on these appliances worth I asked? Emily told me that the news article said robbers don't typically get more than $40 for what they've sold. 

What's even more surprising about all of this is that thieves can strip away the metals and other materials in less than five minutes. Talking to my sister and hearing what she had to say made me want to do everything I could to protect my AC, like building a cage around it, installing a motion detector or even a small hidden camera near the appliance.

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