An attractive electric heater? Yes, it’s possible

Caroline was able to find a beautiful electric heater.

The other day, I was on the phone with my old roommate Caroline. Since she moved into a tiny studio apartment in Washington D.C., I don't get to talk with her that much, but we are able to catch up with one another every once in a while.

I went to visit her last month, and was simply amazed at the way she was able to decorate the studio that she lives in. Even though it's low in square feet, the space is comfortable, borderline roomy, just based on the furniture she has and the way she's got it placed.

Needless to say, Caroline is very careful about the items that she buys for her apartment. She told me that for items like storage, she can't just pick up the first solution she finds, but rather has to shop around for exactly the right one, since it's going to be visible all the time.

She told me that her apartment has started to get drafty with the onset of winter, and she'd like to get an electric heater in order to make it more comfortable, but that she doesn't think she can find anything that's aesthetic enough for the space.

I told Caroline that there are a number of attractive space heaters out there, you just have to know where to look. I suggested that she look for ceramic heaters, since these are safer for small spaces and come in a variety of attractive shapes.

Caroline went on the internet and started shopping while I was still on the phone. She was shocked to see that electric heaters don't have to be ugly, but rather they come in a number of gorgeous shapes that can suit even the most carefully accessorized apartment.

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