An easy trick to increase the flow of fresh air in a bedroom

Pointing a fan out of a window can help the breeze blow in.

I'm completely moved in to my new apartment and my roommates and I really like the new space, all agreeing that we have a lot more room in our spot across town than we did in our old place. I'm a particularly big fan of the fact that my room has windows on two walls, so that when they are both open, I can enjoy a nice cross-breeze as air flows in one window and out the other.

My roommate Laura, though, isn't so lucky. Her room is very spacious, but she only can get air from one set of windows. This means that the breeze tends to go right past her bedroom.

Last night, Laura knocked on my door after struggling to study in the unmoving air of her hot room. Even though she had an electric fan pointing straight at her, the humid air still felt stationary. I agreed to help her figure this problem out, and thought that the fan was probably in the wrong place.

When I got into her room, I saw that it was in the most logical location, pointing right at her chair. I tried moving it further away, to see if I could increase the range of the breeze this way, but that only seemed to make it worse. When I picked the fan up to move it again, however, I noticed something amazing happened when it pointed at the window.

With the electric fan pointing this way, the breeze from outside started flowing right in. Suddenly, the room was filled with fresh air, and felt much cooler almost instantly. We positioned the fan this way, resting it on top of a shelf she has under the window, and Laura is thrilled about the new setup! 

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