An electric heater is perfect for the sunroom

Make your sunroom usable year round.

Yesterday, I was on the phone with my sister Shannon. Even though we're close, it had been a while since Shannon and I had been able to chat on the telephone, so we had a lot to catch up on.

First I filled her in on all of the goings-on where I work, and then told her about my exciting weekend plans. When I asked Shannon what she was up to, she surprised me by saying that she was in the sunroom at her house.

Since it's December and she lives in New Hampshire, I figured that she wouldn't really be spending any time in her sunroom until the nice weather and long days of summer had come again. I simply couldn't figure out how she was spending time in such a cold area while she was on the phone with me.

When I asked her why she was in the sunroom in the middle of December, Shannon laughed. She told me that the windows are actually insulated fairly well, but the room is so cold because it doesn't have a radiator. Rather than relegate it to exclusive use during the warm months of the year, she decided to bring an electric heater into the room.

Once she had the electric heater, Shannon told me that her sunroom was so much more comfortable, and she had taken to spending a lot of time there. She simply flips on the heater when she walks in, and before she knows it, the room is comfortably warm and ideal for hanging out.

I thought it was such a great idea for Shannon to put an electric heater in the sunroom of her house. Now she can use all of the rooms of her place year-round.

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