Athletes get comfortable in Olympic Village rooms

London's Olympic Park

I'm so excited for the Olympic games to start just a few days from now. I love watching athletes from all over the world compete to win medals for their country. Athletes themselves are excited not just for the ability to compete on an international stage, but to stay in the company of competitors from all over the world at the Olympic athletes' village.

Cities typically build these villages with a plan in mind for their use after the Olympics. This year's athletes' village is going to be turned into much-needed housing in East London. The apartments will each contain four bedrooms with two beds each, and sharing a living area and a bathroom. Olympic participants will eat in a large-scale dining room, where healthy food has been prepared for them by a hand-selected chef.

The 1992 Barcelona olympics were a great source of pride for the city of Barcelona and are fondly remembered by spectators and athletes alike. One thing that the athletes don't remember so fondly though is the temperature within the Olympic athletes village.

Temperatures in Barcelona were high at the time of the summer Olympics. For some reason, the designers of the Olympic village forgot to think about the temperature and didn't install air conditioning in the athletes' quarters. The oversight caused quite a stir. Many athletes were very uncomfortable, and planners from Barcelona were criticized for not considering air conditioning.

Luckily, the architects of the London Olympic athletes' village considered climate control when they were building the structure, and with some unusually warm weather in London recently, it's a good thing. Most athletes have already arrived at the village in London, finishing out their training in workout centers within the athletes' village. 

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