Benefits of an electric fan in a bathroom

Drew let me know that helping cool air circulate was a sure way to help prevent mold from cultivating.

Everyone knows that as summer approaches, it is important to bring all your cooling appliances down from the attic. And although, you and your family probably think electric fans are typically used to cool down rooms in your home, you may be surprised to know that they these appliances can be used for a variety of other purposes.

In the last post, I mentioned speaking to a friend of my who gave me some great tips on how to use my electric fan for different purposes. Well, I was so intrigued by what my fan could do that I decided to ask other friends if they knew of any other great tips on how I could get the most out of this incredibly useful appliance

During a potluck dinner earlier this week, my wife and I went visited our friend Drew. Upon entering his home, we noticed how cool it was. I complimented him and he told me that he uses his fan for more than just keeping the summer heat at bay. Drew took me on a tour of his newly remodeled bathroom and showed me how he has an electric fan in the room to lower humidity levels.

When he pointed this out to me, I thought about what a practical idea it was. After all, I knew firsthand how easily mold could form in warm and moist environments – (I had to have the mold that formed in my garage professionally removed). Drew let me know that helping cool air circulate was a sure way to help prevent mold from cultivating. Plus, it helped keep fresh air in the bathroom flowing freely.

After the delicious dinner at Drew's, I came home and went upstairs to grab the electric fan that was sitting in my attic. I put it in the bathroom, and I am happy to report that I have yet to see one hint of mold!

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