Can an electric fan interrupt your Wi-Fi?

Don't worry, a fan can't interrupt your Wi-Fi signal.

I went to my friend Rose's apartment for dinner last night. She and her roommates have really worked on decorating the place since I was there last, and it shows. Her living room looks much better. It even includes an electric fan to keep guests cool if they're having a party and it gets warm.

As soon as I got there, I noticed how nice Rose's living room had become. When I went to sit down on one of the beautiful couches, I noticed that she had positioned the room's fan right next to its wireless router. I have always heard that doing this might interrupt the Wi-Fi signal, and I was curious to find out whether this was true.

I asked Rose if she was having any trouble with her internet connection since she rearranged the furniture in her living room and she told me that she hadn't noticed anything different.

When she asked why I wanted to know, I told her about the myth I had heard about how electric fans can interrupt the signal of a wireless router. She looked it up online, and found out that though some frequencies can bog down a wireless network, an electric fan shouldn't be a problem.

The website Rose went to did say that television, radio and cell phone signals all have the ability to interrupt Wi-Fi though. It's something I thought I would keep in mind for the future if I'm having trouble with my wireless connection.

Thanks to Rose's room renovation we were able to bust a myth! Placing an electric fan adjacent to or near your wireless router shouldn't affect the quality of your connection at all.

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