Ceiling collapses are a mess

A caved in ceiling had Rose's normally pristine bathroom looking quite messy this morning.

Before I had even settled into my chair at work this morning, my friend Rose sent me two pictures from her phone: One of them was of the gaping hole in her bathroom ceiling, the other was of the damage the pieces of sheetrock and flooding water had done to her bathroom. Naturally, I expressed my condolences at this unfortunate event.

But, while this may seem unsympathetic, I have a rather inquisitive mind. So, despite the wreckage of my friend's bathroom, I began to wonder why this room is always located in the same place in every unit.

I asked my real estate agent why this is and she told me that not only does this help to make every unit the same in terms of layout, but architects tend to design buildings this way so that plumbing lines can remain central. This makes a lot of sense, however, the presence of so much water in just one part of a building can raise the probability for leaks.

And like what happened to Rose this morning, sometimes leaks can cause the ceiling to cave in, creating a major mess.

Luckily, Rose's apartment has an attentive landlord, who sent a plumber named Larry and a handyman called Sean right over to get things sorted out. Sean and Larry told her that the ceiling caved in because water was leaking through porous tiles in the bathroom above, and that the improper tiling job, when combined with prolonged exposure to water from the shower, eventually led to a leak. As if that wasn't enough, Larry said that the moisture from the steam in the bathroom below weakened the ceiling, and eventually it caved in.

Thank goodness nobody was hurt, and the situation is being fixed right away. The workers are going to make sure to use proper bathroom tile this time. In order to relieve moisture buildup from steam in Rose's bathroom, Sean is installing a new electric fan. While this hassle probably could have been avoided if the builder of my friend's apartment had been diligent in the first place, at least it's getting fixed the right way. 

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