Cleaning an air conditioner for winter storage

Window air conditioners should be packed away for the winter

Air conditioners can be great energy-saving additions to a home or apartment in the summer months, but finding the right place to store it for the winter can be difficult – especially if you haven't put in the time to clean out the garage, or the den or anything else while enjoying the warm weather.

However, window air conditioners should most likely be removed during the winter months. While these units can stay outside – usually without injury – due to the hazards of extreme weather and falling ice, it may be best for security's sake to bring them inside. It can also be a great time to perform another essential task, cleaning the unit.

While the internal components might be best left to professionals, certain parts as well as the exterior can be polished off so that when the heat returns, the unit can return to performing at max efficiency. First, remove the air filter. This part of the machine is the most integral to its functioning, and it's likely that the filter is filled with dirt and grime, especially if it was in use frequently.

To clean the filter, simply remove it from its housing and spray it with a house. Warm and soapy water should do the trick, and afterwards it would be left outside to dry, provided it's not too cold in your area already. Any dirt or stains to the exterior can then be polished off with a water-and-vinegar solution and a light brush.

If you still want to keep your air conditioning unit in the window, I recommend purchasing a cover from an online provider. If not, simply store it in a convenient location and begin setting up your electric space heaters and other appliances for the winter. 

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