Consider air purifiers to combat summer allergies and mold

If you have trouble with allergies, help yourself this summer with an air purifier.

It's ironic that as the outdoors become nicer and warmer, they also become rife with allergens. Allergies are frustrating in and of themselves, as they make your eyes water, nose run and set off non-stop sneezing. For people with allergies, the warmer seasons can wreak havoc on their bodies. To best prepare yourself this summer, be aware of these common allergens.

  • Dust Mites. These microscopic troublemakers are year round problems for people with allergies. Staying vigilant about what and where dust collects in your house – around electronics, wires, curtains, behind or underneath furniture – as well as vacuuming and regularly dusting these areas goes a long way.
  • Mold. Although it can grow outside under leaves, hay bales and mushrooms, one of the biggest breeding grounds for mold over the summer is damp areas around the house. With outdoor moisture from summer storms able to gather in your home, it's extra important to be on the lookout for small, stagnant pools of water that can give rise to mold.
  • Pollen. While at its peak during the spring, pollen can still be found floating around in the air, so those with pollen allergies are encouraged to stay indoors on windy days.

One of the best ways you can help yourself with allergies this summer is by supplying your house with an air purifier. At Today's Concept, we have a wide array of air purifiers specially designed to reduce allergens in the home by combating mold spores and airborne dust. Consider the Oreck ProShield Air Purifier, which eliminates pollutants and improves air quality, bringing some much needed relief to those with allergies.

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