Cool mist humidifiers can help babies sleep

Tess is so much happier since her parents bought a humidifier for her room.

My friends Karen and Todd got married two years ago. In May, they welcomed the birth of their first daughter, Tess. They love their bundle of joy more than anything, but when she was only a few weeks old, they got quite a scare. Tess had to be hospitalized because she had a bad cough. Fortunately, she was only there for a few days, and made a full recovery soon after.

As you can imagine, Karen and Todd are now extra protective of their baby, not wanting her to have to go to the hospital again. Karen is always reading up on the best ways to keep Tess healthy, and is careful to stay on top important safety information.

Last week, Tess started waking up in the middle of the night and crying. While it's not unusual for a 3-month-old to have trouble sleeping through the night, Karen was worried that this may have been a sign that her little girl was getting sick again.

She looked up some information on keeping babies healthy and helping them sleep, and discovered that using a cool mist humidifier while Tess was asleep could help with both of these problems.

Karen picked out a great looking model that looks like a rubber duckie and goes perfectly with the decor in the nursery. She decided that she would turn it on during the night to see if it helped Tess sleep.

Though it has only been a few days, Karen and Todd have noticed that Tess is sleeping much more easily and waking up more rested in the morning. They are so thrilled that they were able to use a humidifier to make their baby more comfortable. 

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2 thoughts on “Cool mist humidifiers can help babies sleep

  1. I have one for my baby too. Very much recommended to make the air more easy for a baby to breathe. Our pediatrician suggested to use warm-air instead of cold-air as warm-air is cleaner. It is mportant that babies breathe clean air.

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