Cover up an electric heater for beauty and safety

Done properly, your electric heater can blend right in.

My friend Amanda's house is perfect for parties. She loves to have people over for snacks and drinks, and is constantly thinking of excuses to celebrate. A few weeks ago{,} I was helping her to plan a surprise party for a friend of ours, and we ran into a logistical problem.

Amanda was thinking about where the guests should hide before we jumped out to surprise the birthday boy. She told me that she would like to put everyone into the living room, but she was worried that someone would burn themselves on the electric heater that she has in front of a window to keep the draft out of the living room.

She didn't want to turn the heater off because she was sure that the party would be too cold and that the guests wouldn't stay long. Since Amanda prides herself on throwing successful parties, this was simply not an option. She asked me for advice, but I was at a loss. Then, Amanda found the solution on a home decor blog.

She learned that some people build structures around the electric heaters in their house. Not only do these structures make it look better, but when they are built correctly, they can help to reduce the risk of fire as well.

Since she still had a few weeks until the party, Amanda had time to shop around for a cover that would fit the electric heater that she has in her living room. She was able to find one that fits perfectly, and she painted it to match the design of her living room.

Last night the party was a smashing success, and she got so many compliments on her beautiful heater cover!

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