Dehumidifiers can be used to safely store collectibles

Dehumidifiers could help individuals looking to safely store their collections for a potentially profitable future sale.

Dehumidifiers can be used to help heal dry winter skin and mitigate poor air quality, as we've talked about in recent posts. But, they can also be useful for non-health-related tasks. For example, since I store my vintage baseball card collection in cardboard boxes in the basement, and I make sure to position a dehumidifier in the vicinity. By taking this precaution, I'm able to preserve the value of these keepsakes, which I started collecting when I was still in grade school.

Depending on the type of items in your collection, you may need to research the proper heat setting. In most cases, however, it's safe to store collections at mild temperatures, simply ensuring that they aren't subject to extreme heat or cold.

In the past, I unfortunately lost a portion of my collection to mold and mildew. This was due to the fact that I had stored them in cardboard boxes, which are more susceptible to water damage. According to a recent article by Washington state news source The Herald, the best temperature for storing cardboard boxes is at a humidity level of between 45 and 65 percent.

This type of humidity level is usually no problem for dehumidifiers – even affordable models that consumers can find online. (My personal dehumidifier is capable of creating 90 percent humidity). If this post has suddenly alerted you to the possibility that your collectibles may be being compromised by their conditions, there are remedies to take.

For example, mildew can be removed from cardboard and other thin papers by using a mixture of chlorine and bleach. Individuals who want to better protect these items may want to purchase a dehumidifier specifically to maintain their valuable collections. This can fit within any budget, provided consumers shop online and keep an eye out for big discounts. 

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